Where are the top 10 places to get a tattoo on the body?

Once you have made the decision to get a tattoo the next hardest choice will be where exactly to have it. The place where you decide to have your tattoo is of great importance. It is often the case that a tattoo design will look well in one area of the body but not in another area of the body. A good bit of advice is to have it in a part of the body where it will be easy to cover up. Most people won’t want their tattoo on display in the workplace; unless of course you are a celebrity famous for having that type of image.

What follows is a list of 10 places where people like to get tattoos;

  1. Wrist tattoos are quite common because they are easy to cover up with a bracelet or watch. Many celebrities seem to like this tattoo.
  2. Ankle tattoos are also popular and have been for years. These can have a really noticeable design or they can be something that you would hardly notice at all.
  3. The lower back is popular for women because it is believed to be erotic and can be easily covered up.
  4. Arm tattoos are always popular with any part of the arm being used
  5. Armband tattoos have been popular for the last twenty years or so
  6. Chest tattoos are quite popular with men because it tends to show off their pectoral muscles. People also like to use this place near their heart for memorial tattoos.
  7. Back tattoos are a popular place for a tattoo because there is just so much space available.
  8. For a long time tattoo artists were reluctant to do neck tattoos, but they are now quite popular. Some people find a neck tattoo to be particularly erotic.
  9. Some women like to draw attention to their breast by having a breast tattoo. They can even make breasts look bigger.
  10. Foot tattoos are really popular these days with people seeing it as a fun place to have one.

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