Some of the most common myths about tattoos

Almost everything in life that has been around for any length of time will have myths surrounding it; tattoos are no exception to this. There are quite a few tattoo myths that need to be eradicated. These are myths with no truth behind them and just exist because people have been misinformed.

  • You will hear some people claim that getting a tattoo is as painful as childbirth. There is some pain involved in getting a tattoo, but it is nowhere near as bad as childbirth.
  • Tattoos are applied using a single needle. This is not true and in fact the tattoo guns uses a group of needles soldered together; usually in odd numbers.
  • Tattoos bleed a lot. There is some truth in this and you will bleed at least a little when you are having your tattoo. There is not too much blood when you are getting the outline and the shading will only bleed for a few minutes. By the time you are ready to leave the shop all the bleeding should have stopped completely.
  • The lighter the tattoo ink is the more it will hurt. This is not true. The reason why the lighter colors seem to be more painful is that they are the last to be added to a tattoo and by this stage the skin will be more sensitive.
  • When a tattoo is old it will turn blue. This only applies to those tattoos that were created fifty years ago or before. The inks used in tattoos have improved a lot since that time.

So I hope you find this useful and it can dispel a few myths about tattooing out there.

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