Reasons For Getting A Tattoo!

There are about a hundred or so various reasons that people get tattoos. It may be to please your partner or you may want to join a group that has tattoos or you may want to be identified with a particular sub-culture that is known and regarded for tattoos.

You may also want to display your individuality, independence or even being unique.

These are very valid reasons of people getting tattooed. But because having a tattoo is permanent in nature, you may try to see yourself in 10 or 20 years or so. Just imagine what you will be doing around that time. You may be a college student at present and a tattoo on your wrist may be lovely to look at by your colleagues. But if you have plans on working in a field that is very conservative after graduation, it is possible that others will look at your own tattoo in a not so good way. You may as well try to hide it using your long sleeve shirts, or you may try to wear long sleeve shirts even if the surroundings and climate is not that cold.

If you want a tiger tattoo since the nickname of your partner at present is Tiger and you also you most especially love your skin is being scratched by your partner, it is most possible that you will not be with this person any more after five years or so. So in the end, what about the tattoo? It will just symbolize a most special time in your life with such fond memories. Or it may even bring back bad memories and reminders of your ex-partner who didn’t really care for you and have hurt you.

You may even be a nose smasher or a headbanger or whatever and you really, really like a tattoo all over your arms like the arms of Axl Rose. However you cannot afford the services of a professional artist. You may get your friend to do the designs that you like using a tattoo machine that is order via mail. The designs may be spider webs all over your face or your hands since you want to be really different while in school. And then you decide to straighten out your life and maybe get a real work in the long run, or may be trained as a chef or something. It is possible that no restaurant will ever get your services.

Bear in mind that removing your tattoo after you have it is not that an easy process and is not that cheap either. You may have a tattoo removed for at least $1,000 and that is just for a small tattoo; the procedure is making use of laser surgery. An ugly scar is most likely to come up if you undergo a non-laser technique. Health insurance companies do not tolerate in paying for the removal of tattoos so you are expected to pay in cash in removing it. There is a possibility that there are no laser surgery specialists in your area. So it is most likely that all the doctors of laser-surgery are getting rich just to remove the tattoos because of carelessness and foolishness.

  • Maybe, just maybe having a tattoo is not for you.
  • Or maybe you don’t let your buddy friends make a tattoo on your hand using a needle and an India Ink at the party this weekend.
  • Or maybe you should have a tattoo on your back rather than on your hand.
  • Or maybe you should have a tattoo on your left wrist so that your watch will be covering your wrist if you have to.
  • Or maybe you don’t avail of the tattoo that is worth $10 that your friend is telling you and will give you in his own garage.
  • Or maybe after reading this site, you will really reflect about it and be able to make some wise decisions about what the best thing to do with your body.

Remember that having a tattoo may be beautiful, exhilarating and may open a different new world for you, but always ensure to do the tattoo process right.

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